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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get to The GM Reunion? Access is via Alder Drive B658, Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Biggleswade, SG18 9ER

Can i play music whilst at the event? Strictly no music can be played as this may affect any announcements being heard to both The GM Reunion and the active airfield.

Are dogs allowed? Yes we welcome friendly dogs, Dogs are allowed into the designated dog cafe, paddock areas and large green areas. Please ensure they are kept on a lead at all times. Please ensure you clean up after your pet Dogs are not allowed into the Visitors Centre, hangars themselves or the Swiss Gardens.

Can i get there early to get a good spot? All the parking areas will be mapped out nearer the time, you are welcome to access site from approx 9.45, you are able to queue from approx 9.30 on Alder Drive - please queue on the left side of the road as marshalls and Shuttleworth staff may want to access different areas of the venue during this time. The gates will open to the public at 11.00

I can no longer go, can someone use my ticket? Yes, however please contact us via to discuss the next steps

What does my entree ticket entitle me too? Aswell as automatic entree to the judging competitions, where you have the chance to win categorised classes, you have access to the Swiss Gardens, all Shuttleworth Collection hangers, Childrens play areas and Cafe's

I am travelling from far away, can i stay the night before? Unfortunetly with this being our first event, we cannot host you overnight. However we are looking into exploring this option for the future. We can recommend looking in Biggleswade and the surrounding areas for accomidation that is suitable.

Can i fly a drone to take aerial photography? No, due to the nature of the location, we are unable to have any airbourne photography

Can i bring food and drink? Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink to consume on the day, however you are not allowed to bring a BBQ of any kind.

Is my club allowed to display a club flag/stand? Yes, however these need to be fixed to a wheel stand or secured to the floor to ensure they do not blow onto the active airfield.

My car is not road legal, can i still enter? Yes, obviously we advise you to make arrangments to get your vehicle to the event, however when on site you are welcome to display your vehicle

Can i bring a Gazebo? Unfortunetly not, due to the nature of where the car stands will be, we are directly next to a live airfield, we are therefore unable to allow any Gazebo's, Marquees or any pop-up structures

What brands are eligible to enter The GM Reunion event? We welcome any US, European and GB manufactured General Motors vehicles. Our logo features some of the more popular GM brands, however if you are unsure please feel free to contact us.

Can i drive around the site or have my engine running whilst on display? Strictly no driving around the site once parked, no excessive engine revving or loud noises of any kind whilst on display. If you need to leave the event, please approach a marshall who will escort you off site, you cannot re-enter site once you have departed.

Can i enter a trade stand or will other trade stands be there? Unfortunetly with this being our first event, we are under strict guidelines about what we can and cannot do, the 2023 event will have no trade stands other than a few demonstrator models from a local dealership on display, but these will be entered as a vehicle entre. If you are representing a brand or trade at the event, please contact us to discuss further.

What does my ticket entitle me too? Your ticket covers the cost of the entry vehicle and all legally seated passengers. Children are free entry You can have as many passengers as you wish (as long as they are not stored in the boot :))

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